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  The story exhibits the classic elements of tragedy heroic struggle and the quest for something great; a hero beset by difficulties, enemies and his own inner failings, who sacrifices himself for the good of others.  It catches the excitement of the age of the pioneers and the majesty of the human spirit struggling against all obstacles and ultimately triumphing. 

Moreover it captures something of the indomitable courage and the humour of those early diggers. It touches on the fortunes of different populations of indigenous peoples coping or failing to cope with tremendous cultural and social upheaval. 

Visually the lush greenery of Ireland and the spectacular mountains of New Zealand contrast dramatically with the colours of the parched Australian Outback.  The story plays to the drama and panoply of Empire and the emergence of a great country onto the world stage.  The works undertaken at the time are themselves of heroic scale - compelling subjects for film.

There could be few more fitting ways to mark a century of Australian Federation than to commit to film the story of the life and work of C.Y. O'Connor.


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