Hawaii 5O or Can I get off the couch enough to become an age group World Champion?

2015 – Injuries Bike ...


The water is warm and clear. We have just swum over the seemingly endless green carpet of sea grass and are now into the shallow surf zone. As I turn to breathe out I see my competitors’ feet touch the fine pale limestone sand of Alcudia Bay and then start to run. I try to […]

Ironman Switzerland 2014

Ironman Switzerland 2014

The warm water pouring in over the neoprene neckline would normally help me relax and prepare for the nonsense to come. Today as my head bobbed back above the water and I surveyed the hoards amassing along the small sloping beach in front of me, it did nothing for my mood.   It was about […]

The Good the Bad and the Ug...

The Good the Bad and the Ugly Kilkee 2014

The Good Sometime back in the early 2000’s I watched my first triathlon.  It was The Hell of the West in Kilkee.  My brother was giving this extreme sport a go. I was curious.  Alongside him, there were about 60 other hardy souls fronting up for the challenge. It was a big race and an […]

Loot & Youth

Loot & Youth

The Fingal Tri Club’s Skerries Triathlon. I have always enjoyed my trips up to Wheelworx.  And it’s not just all the lacquered carbon and shiny chrome about the place.  I invariably end up reminiscing with Rob about our trips to Kona and the Ironman races we have done. His enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. […]

If you can’t run for a whil...

If you can’t run for a while – there is a lot to be said for making a SHARK ROCKET.

At the age of forty-seven I realised I’d never Ride through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in my hair.   Nor was it something I could have contemplated at thirty seven, the age Mrs. Jordan was when it first dawned on her too and maybe it would not have been possible […]

Treadmills Anonymous

luke glendalough5

A good few years ago I was lucky enough to pick up a reasonably good “domestic” treadmill in a New Year sale. Treadmills are not cheap but you can still get a decent one for less than the price of a carbon race wheel. In fact I only had one race wheel at the time. […]

If the shoe fits – A ...


Beneath the polished flagstones of Saint Canice’s magnificent cathedral, in Kilkenny, there lie the bones of a humble shoemaker. He lies there amid the tombs and memorials of noble knights and ladies, soldiers and bishops, a humble cobbler, a cordwainer, a follower of Saint Hugh, the martyr. And why not?  It is likely that during […]

The Moon Landing, tackling ...

The Moon Landing, tackling my kids and Wheelworx.

“Right lads get off my head, stand up, you have to watch this. This is your Moon Landing. You can tell your grandchildren you saw it happen live. Emily pull your nappy up. Yes Luke we can watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates in a minute.” My parents kept myself and the older brother up […]

Challenge Barcelona 2013, 1...

Challenge Barcelona 2013, 180km is not enough.

In a curious mix of beer festival and international long distance triathlon, every year over the first weekend in October these two somewhat different ideologies converge on Calella, a moderately sized town about an hour’s drive north along the coast from Barcelona. For a few days Calella is overrun by hoards of retired German couples […]