HUSBAND, FATHER, WRITER, PAINTER and ageing athlete who hasn’t quite hung up the lycra.

Born 1966, I grew up in Skerries, North Co. Dublin, Ireland.

For a few wonderful months in 1989, I lived in a tree in Western Australia. I spent my days trying to paint the outback and searching for gold.  Of course I didn’t find any gold. But my time there fostered an interest in nature, science and history. When I returned to Ireland, I studied natural science in Trinity and graduated with a degree in Geology in 1995. As a geologist, I have worked in the mining industries in Ireland and Australia. More recently I have earned a crust as a self-employed graphic designer, artist and triathlon coach.

Since the birth of my two children, much of my time is spent at home cooking for them, or chauffeuring them around. Many scenes in The Magpie were imagined and written down outside the ballet studio and the local swimming pool.

In 2016 I appeared on RTE Television’s first season of Painting the Nation.