HUSBAND, FATHER, WRITER, PAINTER and ageing athlete who hasn’t quite hung up the lycra.

Wednesday 1st June

1:20hr Morning swim New Ross.
Warm up – main set, 10×200 in on 3:12. Hit all lengths on 24seconds. Good pacing throughout. Very comfortable really. The tempo trainer is a great piece of simple kit – especially for the predominantly solo swimmer.
The hernia behaved reasonably well too.

1hr Hilly Run Evening.
2min+ Negative split run to Wilton and back. Watch died during sea swims so no data. Felt like a good run though. First real run for a long time. All ailments behaved and I pushed the pace on the way home. About 13k. Though still a long way off a few years ago.

30min easy turbo after run. High cadence c.100 rpm to loosen the legs.

S 1:20, B :30, R1 Tot 2:50

Thursday 2nd

45min early morning easy turbo.

1:15hr Turbo mid morning.

Harder effort than earlier. Bigger gear. Included 10x2min max intervals with 1min recovery in between. No real power in legs, weak effort. Operation a bit too, a bit worried about pushing too hard. Still all very tender and complains a bit during any real efforts.

1hr run on treadmill (brick). Negative split 2% incline. Started quite slow again but finished last 30min around 12kph feeling good.

Tot 3hrs 2B, 1R

Friday 3rd

1:40hr Run. Late afternoon hilly run to Slaney/Edermine. Watch died completely en route no data (not having much luck with electronic stuff lately – and that was a relatively new one). Slow to start but finished strongly. Felt good. Still holding back a good bit.

1hr Evening swim. Generally an easy continuous effort concentrating on technique.
Threw in a couple of faster 200’s. Felt a bit tired.

Tot 2:40, 1:40R 1S.

Sat 4th

6:10hr 170k Bike.
Early morning cycle to Carlow and Kilkenny and Home – including 9 Stones climb. Done on TT bike but couldn’t stay in aero position for more than a couple of minutes so mainly done sitting up. Felt OK on ramps and climbs, endurance a bit suspect and it will be a while before I can get and stay aero again for any reasonable time. Shoulders and neck complained a lot too. Still nice to be out and weather was glorious. 3 bottels of water two granola bars and a well out of date gel that must have fermented.

1:30 treadmill run
-about 45mins post cycle. Had a decent lunch and hydrated before run. Started slowly but finished strongly. Tired but felt good finishing. Warm room c.26C. half a bottle of water during run.

Tot 7:40 hrs, 6:10B 1:30R

Sunday 5th

30min very big gear turbo. Cadence 55 rpm. Had intended to do a 3hr early turbo session but the head unit that has been acting up all year finally gave up and shorted out the house for good measure. Took it apart to clean electric contacts and remove some sweat/salt grime but it just shorted everything again and is dead to me. Never got back to training on a busy family day enjoying the unseasonable weather.

Need to investigate getting a new turbo– one with a consistent power reading -very soon. Even in this weather I am lost without one.

Weekly total 22hrs S 3:20, B 11:25, R 7:20