A kick in the ….

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A kick in the ….

DSCF2044I had been training OK up to June 20th. Every week was better, I was getting fit again. Although it’s not up on the training log yet, I had put in a couple of really good solid training weeks in May and June. Things then went south again, my body stopped holding up, stuff got sore. I got it checked out. There were fancy tests and a lot of awkward prodding. They couldn’t say if it was related to the operation or not. It may just have been bad luck, but thankfully after an anxious two weeks I was told it wasn’t serious. Shortly afterwards I went on holidays a much relieved man. Still bloody sore and I couldn’t sit on a bike or run. I had brilliant fun with the family but finally admitted to myself I couldn’t race. I will be heading out to Maastricht on Thursday without the bike and a bit deflated. I know I will be particularly sickened on race morning. That said I will be excited to be over there supporting my brother Justin. I will come back fired up and itching to start project Kona 51 – 2017.

After 16 races in 10 years it’s probably good to take a bit of time out. I will take things easy, but not for too long. I still have ambitions; I am getting on but I am not finished. My swimming is better than ever and I will get the other stuff back up to speed over winter.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob Cummins of www.wheelworx.ie & www.triathloncoach.ie again for his support and keeping faith in me. I haven’t managed to race once this season so Wheelworx has got nothing back. Yet still thanks to their sponsorship I am now the proud owner of a Wahoo Kicker (Yes the very static trainer Chris Froome was warming up on during le Tour de France) It’s an extraordinary and rather expensive bit of kit. My poor broadband doesn’t let me explore all the fancy virtual racing bells and whistles but the Kicker is going to get me through the winter and back into cycling shape; hopefully in time for an early Ironman next year. I can’t wait. Thanks Rob and if all goes to plan I look forward to a couple of coffees at Lava Java with yourself and Ais in Kona 2017. Best of luck to all the Irish qualified for the World Championships this year, it’s quite a team already. Prepare for some history to be made. I will be watching from the sister-in-law’s broadband. Hopefully she will remember it’s my birthday and have cake.

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  1. Kev says:

    Sorry to hear that Alan. Maybe Ironman Lanza 2017?? Nice early one to kickstart the year

  2. I have no doubts. That which does not destroy you, makes you stronger. Give a big yell to Justin in Maastricht.

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