And so it begins.

HUSBAND, FATHER, WRITER, PAINTER and ageing athlete who hasn’t quite hung up the lycra.

And so it begins.

As alluded to previously, I had a good Christmas. Knowing that in the New Year I was going to deprive myself of a lot of bad stuff for a while; I over indulged. I have no problem with that. That said I did get a little shock when I weighed myself on New Years Day. I was about 6kg over my usual race weight. About three of those were Christmas related. Perhaps I was feeling a little guilty as I kicked off the New Year with a reasonably tough turbo bike in the morning and treadmill run that evening. There is a short video below myself and Luke made on a couple of old phones of the run that serves as a bit of an introduction and how things might progress over the next ten months.

There are times when my interest in Ironman is minimal. There are other times when it really energises and excites me – that said I have never really bought into the brand or hype. I don’t sport any branded trophy tats either. It’s only training and the race that appeals (and often scares me). I have been doing this sport for ten years. I have seen a lot of people come into it and go relatively quickly. The toll it can take on all other things can be considerable – if you let it that is. I am often asked how I have managed to stay at it for so long. There many reasons but the main one is probably that I don’t take it too seriously. Others would be a tolerant family, a flexible attitude to my training schedule and a lot of luck.

I don’t live like a monk. How can you train for one race six months away or be motivated enough to do some sort of training nearly every day for months on end? You have to enjoy yourself; you have to do other stuff too. You have to take some time away, let the hair down, enjoy Christmas. I am happy to eat junk at Christmas. I will clean up the diet now, but at the next family celebration or birthday party I will be hitting the cake hard again. If you can’t celebrate your child’s birthday or other big family occasions with them what’s the point? If it was my living I would probably think differently – but it’s not. And I doubt I would be coming back after ten years to go again and maybe if things work out, improve on my previous best.

With consistent training those extra kg’s will come off. The occasional treat won’t make any difference. The kids went back to school today so there is a bit more time available to me. The first week of the year has been a bit haphazard. I hope to put some order on my training now. I plan to post a training log weekly. It will include everything and maybe a few notes on my demeanour, weight etc. The only session I won’t comment on is our club swim on Mondays. It’s not my set, it’s put together by our coach and therefore her intellectual property. You can take it I will be knackered afterwards and I have no doubt a better swimmer too.