Hawaii Five O

HUSBAND, FATHER, WRITER, PAINTER and ageing athlete who hasn’t quite hung up the lycra.

Hawaii Five O


Never really watched the TV series back in the 70’s. More of a Starsky and Hutch, Kojack fan. Even enjoyed the occasional Colombo. But Hawaii five O suits my needs.

That’s the plan. Don’t know if it’s going to come off but I am going to try. I am not trying to go back just to enjoy a birthday on the beach and swim with the turtles. I need to qualify for the World Championships and if so, I want to go two places better than in 2012.

Since IM Mallorca, training has been sporadic. October November wasn’t bad. Short on hours but big on intensity.  I felt good but two bouts of severe man flu really knocked December training on the head. Then Christmas came…

I need to shake things up a lot. I need to fall in love with very early mornings again. I need to get back to less sleep; to get off the couch again. This year I intend to put all my training sessions up on my website. Partly because I want to track exactly what I have been doing and how things are progressing.  It might be harder to slack off too. I am happy to get feedback and suggestions. I want a close look at my technique, form etc and how it changes as I tire, get fitter etc. Luke (6) is keen to do some video and commentary on some of my efforts. When my dodgy internet allows I will post some of our work on the site too.

I sold a painting over Christmas. The sock drawer has had its first deposit.  I need to amend the web page title, book a qualifying race and get things started.