A Storm Coming

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A Storm Coming

You know when your nose is running and it feels like you’re swallowing glass, and your ear aches, and there is a storm coming, and they haven’t cancelled the race, and you can’t sleep, and you check the phone, and they haven’t even postponed, and there is still a storm coming, and you decide common sense should prevail, and you feel like crap, and you’re not going to race, and the sun shines in the morning, and you’re a tight arse, and you decide to register only to get the race t-shirt, and you put wheels on your bike, and you go outside with it for the first time since October, and you arrive at the start, and you are committed now, and you blow your nose, and the storm is still coming, and we’re off, and then some fecker zips up the road, and you watch him disappear into the distance, and adrenaline kicks in, and you go after him, and you pedal, and you hurt, and you paddle, and you don’t capsize, and you pedal again, and you try to run, and you go up hill, and you keep going up hill, and you eventually come back down, and you begin to feel good, and you win!

Doing a race is probably not the best thing when you are a little under the weather, but winning it is great medicine. Thanks to the organisers of the Slaney Valley Adventure Race for today’s event and not cancelling in the face of the forecast. Great course and race. Can’t believe I actually won. And well done to club mate Ger Kelly for winning the ladies race.

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  1. Wish to stay unknown says:

    Well done Alan

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